Our Mission

It is becoming your trusted strategic advisor and an integral part of your company to help you reach new heights.

We value long-term relationship, thinking like a business owner, and getting directly involved to understand your business realities and goals. We follow a hands-on approach and offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At every stage of a company development come new realities and new challenges. It is helpful to have someone alongside as a guide who can give the reassurance you are on the right track. Someone you can also trust to have the courage and honesty to tell you when something requires your attention before it becomes a serious problem.

With a consulting CFO, you bring in a trustworthy sparring partner who can take some pressure off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best: developing your business. You will appreciate the confidence and peace of mind when your company long-term financial health is taken care of by an expert finance executive.

Our Core Values


We conduct our work with high quality standards, accountability, and utmost transparency. We follow strong work ethics and moral principles in all our dealings. We provide honest and unbiased advice, focusing on our clients’ best interests, allowing them to make informed decisions.


We focus on establishing a strong lasting relationship with our clients, deeply rooted in mutual trust and respect, working together to define, build and implement financial management solutions customized to their needs.


We always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, thinking like a business owner. We strive to understand and consider all aspects of our clients’ business environment to better serve them and deliver immediate results. With strong principles, we are flexible in approach and execution to adjust to our clients’ changing requirements.

Growth Mindset

We value lifelong learning and constantly adapt our work practices to an ever changing and evolving business environment, new rules and regulations to stay relevant and up to date. We encourage our clients and their staff to do the same.

Sustainability and Giving

We care for the planet and commit to minimize our carbon footprint while doing our work at the upmost standards of excellence. We dedicate a portion of our time on pro bono basis to support our community.

Our Expertise

For entrepreneurs and business owners who are dissatisfied with the current added value received from their accounting firm, external partners, or internal finance teams, we offer CFO consulting services on demand that provides expertise and insight of a seasoned CFO, without the hefty price tag of a full-time role.

When you hire a consulting CFO, you bring in someone with an up-to-date deep understanding of the broader finance function combined with strong leadership skills and proven international experience.

The part-time CFO is beside the CEO or business owner to help navigate risks, seize opportunities, make the organization more resilient, and strengthen the business model to stay relevant and competitive.

A trusted
strategic advisor,
Not a consultant

An executive who quickly
becomes part of your team

A creative problem solver
able to address complex issues

A senior leader who
strategizes and executes

Someone with a rich and
diverse business experience

A professional with up-to-date and strong technical skills

Our Services

CFO on Demand.

CFO on Demand

Business partner role to the founders in startups
and scale-ups :

  • Responsible for accounting, budgeting, financial planning, and cash management activities
  • Strategic advisory role to assess all questions related to the business model (pricing policy, cost of production, etc.) 
  • Close steering of cash and financial planning to determine and anticipate financing needs
  • Introduction of scalable management information systems and business relevant management reporting tools
  • Due diligence with investors during fundraising campaigns

Sustainable Finance 
Consulting (ESG)

Finance project management role to the CEO or
business owner:

  • Environmental and sustainable strategy development 
  • CSRD / ESRS sustainability reporting standards compliance
  • New governance structures to meet sustainability goals  
  • Expert support in conducting a Bilan Carbone® assessment  
  • Implementation of the ecological accounting model C.A.R.E.

Finance Digital Transition

Finance Digital Transition

Advisory role to the CEO or business owner:

  • Enterprise-wide digital maturity level assessment
  • Digital path to success roadmap with key milestones
  • Ambition to deliver fast and tangible business benefits
  • Change management and internal communication plan
  • Existing systems, data quality, and process readiness assessment

Our Difference

We become part of the team

We become part of the team

Getting directly involved in your business is the best way to gain a good understanding of your current realities, formally identify issues and quickly find relevant solutions

Our way of working is building personal relationships with your team and other key stakeholders to examine all areas that affect the financial health and operational success of your company.

Together we build an agreed plan, prevent any roadblocks during execution, and follow through until completion. We will only put recommendations forward that stand a chance of being effectively implemented.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do

Outsourcing the CFO responsibility to someone outside your company, rather than hiring a full-time employee, means you are free to choose the exact person with the right technical expertise and technology experience for a given project, precisely when you need it.

By doing so, you always stay in control, making a limited and agreed upfront commitment in terms of budget and duration, always with the flexibility to keep going, if you are satisfied, or to choose to stop, if you are not.

Your satisfaction is a must-have for the ongoing success of an outsourced CFO.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Christophe Gantzer is an accomplished senior finance executive with over 20 years of experience serving multiple industries and business models, ranging from start-ups, family and privately held companies to large publicly traded companies.

His areas of expertise include strategy definition to operational execution, building and mentoring finance and accounting teams, business transformation projects (restructuring, turnaround, financial due diligence, product mix and portfolio analysis), controlling best practices (budgeting, planning and forecasting), compliance (internal controls), digital transformation and change management. He has extensive hands-on experience in HR and IT.

Prior to founding ClearEdge Business Partners, Christophe has worked in finance for companies including Nestlé, Nespresso, Lagardère Travel Retail, Akka Technologies, and started his career as a management consultant.

Fluent in French (native), English (C2), and German (C1), Christophe holds a European master’s in management from ESCP Business School and a license from CPA Australia.

As a nature and outdoor enthusiast, he will often be seen swimming, biking or skiing in the mountains, when not just playing with his three kids.

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